Customer FAQ

Where are products shipped from?

Each vendor will ship directly to you.  If you place an order from multiple vendors you will be charged separate shipping per vendor and receive packages from each vendor.

When will my products ship?

Each vendor will set specific shipping time frames for each deal offered.  Most orders will be shipped within 5-7 days of the end of the deal, but custom orders may require more time.

Who do I contact if I have a question about an item I ordered?

Please reach out directly to the vendor.  If you make multiple attempts and are unable to rectify the situation, please contact Happy Mail Deals.

How do I check the status of my order?

If your question can’t be answered on the My Orders page, please contact the seller/vendor directly.  If you do not hear back from the vendor within a reasonable amount of time you may contact us at Happy Mail Deals.

How do I know my order shipped?

You will receive an email notification when the order is marked as shipped.

What if my order isn’t exactly what I expected?

Return and refund information will be included on all deals. Not all items are refundable or can be returned.  It will be at the vendor’s discretion based on each deal.

How long do deals last?

Deals run for 3 days at a time.  If a deal launches at 9:00 am ET on a Sunday it will end at 9:00 am ET on Wednesday morning.   Vendors may choose to re-list an item again in the future.

How many deals will run at one time?

This will depend on the number of vendors who sign up.  As the website grows more deals will be available, so please be patient as we launch and grow.

What kind of deals will be offered?

On Happy Mail Deals we hope to offer a wide variety of items that will meet the customer’s wants and needs.  We will strive to offer top quality items that the customers will love!  We will also try to ensure that similar items are not being run at the same time.

When does my certificate expire?

If you purchase an item / service that requires a certificate – each vendor will explicitly outline details pertaining to expiration dates, if applicable.